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  rigwild 869e897655 Updated dependencies 1 year ago
  rigwild 58a6c0869b Update server dependencies, add pong route. remove localforage 1 year ago
  rigwild b8a3856e84 Added Vuetify + theme. Routing + animation system 1 year ago
  rigwild a791e68eaf Added state storage and persistence 1 year ago
  rigwild 6bff6f0510 bump version 1 year ago
  rigwild bd0dab19fd Added apiDoc to packages and readme doc 1 year ago
  rigwild 5d30f714c4 Version bump 1 year ago
  rigwild 88b91170a2 Added apiDoc documentation 1 year ago
  rigwild 93f27ed1cb Version bump 1 year ago
  rigwild fc49583312 version bump 1 year ago
  rigwild a9de24c6aa MongoDB database support. Fixed logging objects 1 year ago
  rigwild c60f4973b2 Added WebSocket support 1 year ago
  rigwild ef1d4a3c75 Exported tests to individual files 1 year ago
  rigwild 4d51d50b51 Automated testing. Adapted project for testing 1 year ago
  rigwild 083501e645 Image cutting works `/getImageExtracts`. Exported getImage 1 year ago
  rigwild 03ed596e8d Added logger 1 year ago
  rigwild 72cd80e1e6 Release hotfix 1 year ago
  rigwild 5239a3a751 Server config + performance improvements. Better readme 1 year ago
  rigwild 7c8e2fb280 Added error handler + example with listScenes 1 year ago
  rigwild e8d1e55842 Added development environment 1 year ago
  rigwild 6c62d244ef init 1 year ago