Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jérôme BUISINE 03cd473729 add of newsletter component; use message and add user help 1 month ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 63ba90eeed update test function and fix it 4 months ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 4188287672 Add of filter into scenes list 4 months ago
  rigwild b5799e0098 Update dependencies and package.json version 11 months ago
  rigwild 314d43a9b6 Added extract generator CLI 1 year ago
  rigwild efcfc8da66 Removed client websocket, added experimentCollect instead 1 year ago
  rigwild ff4d55738c Refactored tests file architecture. Removed WebSockets test, added experimentCollect API route test 1 year ago
  rigwild 944b4e8566 Added extracts remover service 1 year ago
  rigwild 616823b3fe Merge branch 'feature/api-ping-data-collect' into develop 1 year ago
  rigwild 79cd3babf3 Configuration files system working 1 year ago
  rigwild f8ae7494f6 Added API route `dataCollect`. Rewordked uuid system 1 year ago
  rigwild 4898cd9cbe Full client WebSocket support 1 year ago
  rigwild 193c63da54 Experiment scene selector 1 year ago
  rigwild 869e897655 Updated dependencies 1 year ago
  rigwild 2026054765 Added host config, scenes loading, state caching working 1 year ago
  rigwild 58a6c0869b Update server dependencies, add pong route. remove localforage 1 year ago
  rigwild b8a3856e84 Added Vuetify + theme. Routing + animation system 1 year ago
  rigwild a791e68eaf Added state storage and persistence 1 year ago
  rigwild bd0dab19fd Added apiDoc to packages and readme doc 1 year ago
  rigwild a9de24c6aa MongoDB database support. Fixed logging objects 1 year ago
  rigwild c60f4973b2 Added WebSocket support 1 year ago
  rigwild 4d51d50b51 Automated testing. Adapted project for testing 1 year ago
  rigwild 083501e645 Image cutting works `/getImageExtracts`. Exported getImage 1 year ago
  rigwild 03ed596e8d Added logger 1 year ago
  rigwild 5239a3a751 Server config + performance improvements. Better readme 1 year ago
  rigwild 7c8e2fb280 Added error handler + example with listScenes 1 year ago
  rigwild e8d1e55842 Added development environment 1 year ago
  rigwild 6c62d244ef init 1 year ago