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  Jérôme BUISINE 0c40621cc5 Update of documentation 2 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 153ef98eae Update code with use of IPFML package 2 years ago
  jbuisine 7035cdd867 Model CCN layers Updates 2 years ago
  jbuisine fe5a286edf Fix cross validation issue 2 years ago
  jbuisine cb31d045d6 Update of pure CNN models 2 years ago
  jbuisine c1bfd6ee47 Update of generate dataset and add of config file 2 years ago
  jbuisine 67c2a0d3a5 Creation of modules for models 2 years ago
  jbuisine 2c8ad26c6b Add of model using SVD of images 2 years ago