Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jérôme BUISINE cd9a9f5be0 Use of argparse in all scripts 3 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 8e62160c46 Refactoring of whole project; Use of custom min max file available 3 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 264e7af94e Use of config module to obtained more flexibility 3 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 14e77fe8e5 Add of simulation in order to get curves 4 years ago
  Jerome Buisine dda7042cb6 Scripts project updates 4 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 1e4d9432f5 Add possibility of metric implementation quickly 4 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 65e987c73e Only run maxwell scenes 4 years ago