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Stereo-scenes for pbrt-v3


This repository includes a number of example scenes and data for use with the pbrt-v3 renderer, which corresponds to the system described in the third edition of Physically Based Rendering, by Matt Pharr, Wenzel Jakob, and Greg Humphreys. (See also the pbrt website.)

Data Sets

In addition to example scenes, there is some useful data for use with the system.

  • bsdfs/: this directory includes a variety of bidirectional scattering distribution functions (BSDFs) for use with the FourierMaterial. See, for example, the coffee-splash scene for use of such a BSDF in a scene.

    • New versions of BSDFs for use with FourierMaterial can be generated with layerlab.
  • lenses/: lens description files for a handful of real-world lens systems, for use with the RealisticCamera. See the scenes villa/villa-photons.pbrt and sanmiguel/f6-17.pbrt for examples of their use.

  • spds/: measured spectral power distributions for a variety of standard illuminants, light sources, metals, and the squares of the Macbeth color checker.

Stereo scenes and synthesis images

All synthesis images generated are of size 1920 x 1080 and saved into .rawls format for each sample estimated.

Note: xxxx means left or right eye view.

Scene folder Filename Integrator Sampler Samples Generated Experiment step Update reference
bathroom p3d_bathroom-stereoscopic-xxxx.pbrt path random 1 to 10000 200 No