Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eric Ramat f6220afb4e Fix multithreading transition 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 58d01f3cc5 DTSS: fix virtual member function 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat da028d1ff8 DTSS: remove time returning by start function 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 81e75cb90e Add new formalism: devs 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 053ab5b7ee Add new formalism: fddevs 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 237a72ba46 Add new time representation: rational and integer 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 20711a0a36 Fix abstract classes 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 088948cec9 Add new formalism: dsde 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 044f94d936 Add two items in trace (formalism and level) 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 5cad47f561 Simplify QSS interface 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 8a58bb498e Add DTSS policies 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 04a6d5cb2c Change TraceType definition 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 30493b3894 Fix trace 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat aafce12776 Add save/restore mecanisms 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat c95f7f6c20 Add context and save/restore 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat f05d0ffb9a Remove iostream library includes 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 8c20ed803c New formalism: QSS 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 73f3b65248 Fix comma 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat 76caeac1d1 Clean and optimize code 1 year ago
  Eric Ramat d83cadf55d Add parameters to graph_manager in order to pass parameters to children 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat c0b9ee4740 Remove unused dependencies 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat b6d64e3205 Use port name in toString method of Links 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 466da3533b Add observable declaration 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 36a2b59f83 Use index for port instead of name 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 3c8aa14ff9 kernel/pdevs: add simulator attribute in Dynamics class and input/output ports management method 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 3d722dfbea Fix delete error in Value class 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 741b16e08a Change get_content() of ExternalEvent class to data() and change get_content() of Value class to operator(). 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 26347d181d View: add new methos for selector with one variable 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat a1691ac54c Change dates of copyright 3 years ago
  Eric Ramat 9039d81f22 Remove doc directory 3 years ago