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Project for generating users links in order to launch SIN3D application quickly during experiment.

How to use ?

Generate user links (file saved into data folder):

python links/generate/ --experiment AreSameImagesRandom --experimentId expe1 --scenes Appart1opt02,Bureau1,Cendrier --output expe1.csv

Generate experiment links for each user (file saved into expe folder):

python links/generate/ --data links/media/data/expe1.csv --scenes 2 --users 150 --userId 1 --output expe1_user_links.csv
  • userId: tell if an userId is used or not (use of index of line from generated output file)

The final file is generated and contains data just as follow:


Launch WebApp

1. Manually

pip install -r requirements.txt
python migrate
python runserver

2. Using docker (recommended)

You can use make commands:

make build
make run

Or simply:

make deploy

Will run build and run commands at once.

You also have stop, remove, clean commands:

  • stop: stop current container instance if exists
  • remove: stop and remove container instance if exists
  • clean: remove docker image if exists

3. Notes

Configure your own URL prefix using WEB_PREFIX_URL:

WEB_PREFIX_URL=experiments python runserver

or using docker:

WEB_PREFIX_URL=experiments make deploy


The MIT license