Study of synthesis images noise detection using 26 attributes

Updated 1 day ago

Optimisation modules built for optimization problem during thesis

Updated 1 week ago

All pbrt scenes redefined for PrISE3D database

Updated 1 week ago

Raw Light Simulation (.rawls) reader and converter

Updated 1 week ago

All pbrt scenes with stereo .pbrt scene file

Updated 1 month ago

Syntesis images noise detection using CNN approach

Updated 2 months ago

Python deep learning modules which are commons for few projects

Updated 2 months ago

Synthesis Images noise detection metrics developed including all approaches using SVD or others compression methods

Updated 3 months ago

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Synthesis Image Noise Detection on Distributed Data : A web app to collect data on noise detection by humans on images.

Updated 3 months ago

Launcher experiment helper

Updated 5 months ago

PrISE3D HDR VDP with running script for matlab

Updated 7 months ago

Django project for web experiences

Updated 8 months ago

Noise detection using recursive feature elimination of attributes

Updated 10 months ago

Analysis project for SIN3D experiments

Updated 11 months ago

Project which contains all result files from all repositories

Updated 11 months ago