Study of synthesis images noise detection using 26 attributes

Updated 5 days ago

Synthesis Images noise detection metrics developed including all approaches using SVD or others compression methods

Updated 1 month ago

Raw Light Simulation (.rawls) reader and converter

Updated 5 months ago

Syntesis images noise detection using CNN approach

Updated 6 months ago

Python deep learning modules which are commons for few projects

Updated 7 months ago

Optimisation modules built for optimization problem during thesis

Updated 7 months ago

PBRT v4 scenes for SIN3D

Updated 8 months ago

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Synthesis Image Noise Detection on Distributed Data : A web app to collect data on noise detection by humans on images.

Updated 11 months ago

All pbrt scenes redefined for PrISE3D database

Updated 1 year ago

All pbrt scenes with stereo .pbrt scene file

Updated 1 year ago

Launcher experiment helper

Updated 1 year ago

PrISE3D HDR VDP with running script for matlab

Updated 1 year ago

Django project for web experiences

Updated 1 year ago

Noise detection using recursive feature elimination of attributes

Updated 1 year ago

Analysis project for SIN3D experiments

Updated 2 years ago