Raw Light Simulation (.rawls) reader and converter

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RAWLS reader


Can read and flip horizontally a .rawls image. Can read and convert .rawls generated syntehsis image format into .ppm or .png.

.rawls store all pixels values as float and keeps also information about generated image (renderer used).

.rawls contains 3 blocks and specific lines information within each block:

  • IHDR:
    • First line: next information line size into byte
    • Second line: {width} {height} {nbChannels}
    • All lines: information from the renderer as comment
  • DATA
    • First line: data block size
    • Next lines: all pixels values as byte code at each line

How it works ?

mkdir build
cd build && cmake ..


Convert the .rawls image format into .ppm

./main/rawls_reader --image ../path/to/image.rawls --outfile image.ppm

Merge .rawls images samples

./main/rawls_merge --folder ../path/to/images --samples 100 --random 0 --outfile image.png