Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jérôme BUISINE 81025772b1 update dockerfile for back instance 3 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 9c21293189 Update of data bind folder for mongo 4 years ago
  rigwild ef80359084 Changed project name + added package metadata 4 years ago
  rigwild 23eced6d79 Update docker for mongo 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 22a16b03dd Update of Mongo Dockerfile 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 1b7414db58 Add of mongo DB docker instance 4 years ago
  rigwild 69e8a47a76 Fixed webhook script and docker port 4 years ago
  rigwild db0235b264 Log docker app to file system 4 years ago
  rigwild e459c3886f Added and fixed IMAGES_PATH. Webhook deploy script. better readme 4 years ago
  rigwild 72cd80e1e6 Release hotfix 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE f6d86c40dc Add of dynamic PORT use for client and back/client; Docker's separation 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 69227fcd67 Update of documenation and docker-compose 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 7b9fca5904 Add of docker images and deployment 4 years ago