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Experiment mixins API

This wiki page details available data and methods in the experiments mixins.



File: /src/mixins/ExperimentBase.vue

Extends: None

This mixin is mandatory. If you want to create a new mixin, use this mixin in your mixin.

When drawing the tree from top mixins to the experiment itself, ExperimentBase must be the very top parent.

Data Type Default Description
loadingMessage String null Message to display while loading the application. null = not loading
loadingErrorMessage String null Message to display when the application failed to load. null = no loading errror
qualities Number[] null List of qualities for the current scene
Method Return type Description
loadProgress() void Load progress from store into local state
saveProgress() void Save progress from local state into store
loadConfig() void Load a config object into the local state
finishExperiment() void Finish an experiment, sending full data to the server . Don't forget to surcharge this function when using this mixin to add more data!
getQualitiesList() Promise<void> Load qualities list from the API
getImage(quality: Number) Promise<Object> Load an image from the API
sendMessage({ msgId: String, msg: Object }) void Send a message using /experimentCollect API route, your message will be stored in the database. Message IDs are listed in /config.messageId.js
setExperimentFinished([done=true: Boolean]) void Set the current experiment as finished in the browser's cache


File: /src/mixins/ExperimentBaseAreSameImages.vue

Extends: [ExperimentBase]

Data Type Default Description
maxTestCount Number null The total number of tests to pass for this scene
testCount Number 1 Passed tests count
image1 Object null One of the two images
image2 Object null One of the two images
Method Return type Description
scrollToChoiceButtons() void Scroll the page to the answer buttons
getTest(leftQuality: Number, rightQuality: Number) Promise<Object> Load a test using provided qualities
areTheSameAction(areTheSame: Boolean, getTestFn: Function, additionalData: any) Promise<Object> Answer to the versus. getTestFn shoud be an async function that returns an object matching { image1: Object, image2: Object }. additionalData is the experiment-specific content you want to send to the database
finishExperiment() void Finish an experiment


File: /src/mixins/ExperimentBaseExtracts.vue

Extends: [ExperimentBase]

Data Type Default Description
extractConfig Object { x=null: Number, y=null: Number } Used configuration to cut the image
extracts Object[] [] List of extracts of the cutted image
extractsInfos Object null Informations on the cutted image
showHoverBorder Boolean null Should the extracts be hoverable (white rectangle around the extract)
lockConfig Boolean null Should the extract configuration be editable
Method Return type Description
`getExtracts([quality='min']: Number String)` Promise<Object>
setExtractConfig(config: Object, [configuratorRef: Object]) Promise<Object> Change the extract configuration. It loads the new extracts. config is the new extracts configuration to use. If configuratorRef is provided, it will extract the extracts configurator
extractAction(event: MouseEvent, extractObj: Object) Promise<void> Used when clicking on an extract. event is the mouse event (left/right click). extractObj is the object corresponding to the clicked extract (from the extracts array)
getExtractFullObject(extractsApiObj: Object) Promise<Object> Takes the API image extracts response and apply more data to the extracts (like next/prec quality, zone, index or full link to image)
getClickDataObject(event, extractObj, action) Object Calculate data on clicked event. Will get the click position on the responsive image, calculate the ratio to the real-sized image. It returns the full message sent when clicking on an extract
finishExperiment() void Finish an experiment sending final experiment data