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Noise detection using 26 attributes


Noise detection on synthesis images with 26 attributes obtained using few filters.

Filters list:

  • average
  • wiener
  • median
  • gaussian
  • wavelet


pip install -r requirements.txt

Project structure

Link to your dataset

You need database which respects this structure:

  • dataset/
    • Scene1/
    • Scene1_00050.png
    • Scene1_00070.png
    • ...
    • Scene1_01180.png
    • Scene1_01200.png
    • Scene2/
    • ...
    • ...

Code architecture description

  • modules/*: contains all modules usefull for the whole project (such as configuration variables)
  • analysis/*: contains all jupyter notebook used for analysis during thesis
  • generate/*: contains python scripts for generate data from scenes (described later)
  • data_processing/*: all python scripts for generate custom dataset for models
  • prediction/*: all python scripts for predict new threshold from computed models
  • files which contains all extracted features implementation from an image.
  • override the main configuration project of modules/config/
  • script which is used to run specific model available.

Generated data directories:

  • data/*: folder which will contain all generated .train & .test files in order to train model.
  • data/saved_models/*: all scikit learn or keras models saved.
  • data/models_info/*: all markdown files generated to get quick information about model performance and prediction obtained after running run/runAll_*.sh script.
  • data/results/: This folder contains model_comparisons.csv file used for store models performance.


The MIT license