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Noise detection project


pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use

Generate dataset (run only once time or clean data folder before) :


It will split scenes and generate all data you need for your neural network. You can specify the number of sub images you want in the script by modifying _NUMBER_SUBIMAGES variable or using parameter.

python --nb xxxx

There are 3 kinds of Neural Networks :

  • : based on cropped images and do convolution
  • : based on cropped images and do convolution. Data are randomly split for training
  • : based on svd metrics of image

After your built your neural network in, you just have to run it :

python --directory xxxx --output xxxxx --batch_size xx --epochs xx --img xx (or --image_width xx --img_height xx)

A config file in json is available and keeps in memory all image sizes available.


This project contains modules :

  • modules/image_metrics : where all computed metrics function are developed
  • modules/model_helper : contains helpful function to save or display model information and performance

All these modules will be enhanced during development of the project

How to contribute

This git project uses git-flow implementation. You are free to contribute to it.