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Noise detection project


pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use

Generate dataset (run only once time or clean data folder before) :


It will split scenes and generate all data you need for your neural network. You can specify the number of sub images you want in the script by modifying _NUMBER_SUBIMAGES variables.

There are 3 kinds of Neural Networks :

  • : based croped on images
  • : based croped on images which are randomly split for training
  • : based on svd metrics of image

Note that the image input size need to change in you used specific size for your croped images.

After your built your neural network in, you just have to run it :



This project contains modules :

  • modules/image_metrics : where all computed metrics function are developed
  • modules/model_helper : contains helpful function to save or display model information and performance

All these modules will be enhanced during development of the project

How to contribute

This git project uses git-flow implementation. You are free to contribute to it.