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Django Web expe


Web site which contains experimentss on synthesis images (perception of noise).


1. Manually


You need to have python, pip

pip install -r requirements.txt

Initialize the database with the following command :

python migrate

Add your own super user admin credentials:

cp credentials.example.json credentials.json

Run server

Run the server :

python runserver

or if you want to make it listen on a specific port number :

python runserver 8080

2. Using docker (recommended)

First, you need to add your own user admin credentials if you wished:

cp credentials.example.json credentials.json

You can use make commands:

make build
make run

Or simply:

make deploy

Will run build and run commands at once.

You also have stop, remove, clean commands:

  • stop: stop current container instance if exists
  • remove: stop and remove container instance if exists
  • clean: remove docker image if exists


Create your own admin user:

python createsuperuser

You can now access /admin/results route with your credentials in order to download experiments results.

Configure your own URL prefix using WEBEXPE_PREFIX_URL:

WEBEXPE_PREFIX_URL=experiments python runserver

or using docker:

WEBEXPE_PREFIX_URL=experiments make deploy

Using custom API base URL using WEB_API_PREFIX_URL:

WEBEXPE_PREFIX_URL=experiments/ WEB_API_PREFIX_URL=expe/api python runserver

or using docker:

WEBEXPE_PREFIX_URL=experiments/ WEB_API_PREFIX_URL=expe/api make deploy

Create your experimentss

See This documentation explains how to create your own experiments.

How to contribute ?

This project uses git-flow to improve cooperation during the development.

For each feature, you have to create a new git flow feature branch.