Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jérôme BUISINE 11f19cd657 update custom v4 scenes with rawls 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr ca1a9fa882 Move Disney cloud to be in alphabetical order in 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 47de564908 Add Amazon Bistro scene 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 9bc3810f66 Add contemporary-bathroom scene 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 6cc452ccd6 disney-cloud: reduce maxdepth to 100, switch to 720p resolution 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 801e696edc Update nanovdb files to match updated version in pbrt TOT. 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 8c0eb3b873 Remove "rrthreshold" parameter in transparent-machines scenes 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr b321cdc601 Rename TransformBegin/End to AttributeBegin/End 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 84aaa8fe1e Update smoke-plume scattering parameters to account for change in Scale handling 1 year ago
  Matt Pharr 47603e99e1 Merge pull request #4 from webanck/disney-cloud 2 years ago
  Antoine Webanck f1f4d1129c Adding Disney cloud scene. 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 02708382b8 Update scenes to use "iso" rather than "scale" for Film 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 5579c05995 Update bunny-cloud images after pbrt-v4 direct lighting bugfix 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr c04221e17b Update zero-day materials / lighting to better match original 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 15cf8b428b Update sanmiguel lighting 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 7da5664353 Add sportscar lit by area lights 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr d650a5b10c 32k spp explosion render 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 888fbabdd4 Add bunny-cloud 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 3725b0fe51 Add explosion 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr b60acef916 Update smoke plume images after pbrt bugfix 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 23161f534f Procedural clouds scene 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr d7f809e557 Update smoke-plume for medium rename: heterogeneous -> uniformgrid 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 8198bdb32b Fix typo in link to dambreak image 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 90f9d0aee1 Add dambreak scene (thanks, Karl Li!) 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 03b89660a3 .gitignore 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr a072845f04 Fix pbrt-book link text 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 8841c03035 Update book scene, add rendered images, and add it to the README. 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 3ede0ea354 Use measured glass IOR for transparent-machines scenes. 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 97ced0a66e Use spectrally-varying IOR for diamonds in crown model. 2 years ago
  Matt Pharr 4b2c4ea0ca Add imperical crown model 2 years ago