Python generator for MATSim plans.

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Python generator for MATSim random plans.


use venv (


MATSim network files (.xml) (test files are available in input/ folder)


venv i plan_gen
venv a plan_gen
pip install pkgconfig setuptools
pip install . --upgrade


run [ params ] > out_plans.xml

params list

  • np : number of persons to generate,
  • nw : global network file path,
  • nc : number of clusters by axis (e.g. nc=100 results in 100 x 100 = 10000 clusters),
  • hc (optional) : home clusters center coordinates (line:column). If multiple clusters, separate centers coordinates with | symbol ("line_1:col_1|line_2:col_2|...|line_x:col_x"),
  • hr (only if hc parameter is specified) : home clusters radii. If multiple clusters, separate radii with | symbol ("rad_1|rad_2|...|rad_x"),
  • wc (optional) : work clusters center coordinates (cf. hc),
  • wr (only if wc parameter is specified) : work clusters radii (c.f hr).


generate 5000 persons centered in a 100x100 clusters grid (default): np=5000,nw=input/network.xml,nc=100 > out.xml

generate 10000 persons with home locations reparted in 2 clusters of radii 10 and 5, respectively (work locations are sampled with the default behaviour as above): np=10000,nw=input/network.xml,nc=100,\
hc="50:50|67:17",hr="10|5" > out.xml