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  Jérôme BUISINE 914e4bc50c Refactoring of the whole project 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 4a684e884e Refactoring of all display script 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE fcc09349f6 Clean use of data using symoblic link 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 95da79a75f Update gitignore file 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE dea1dbfb30 Update of simulations scripts; New data generation file; 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 4637cf865e Update of keras stats models 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE dfaee0db83 List of models to simulate 4 years ago
  Jérôme BUISINE 8e62160c46 Refactoring of whole project; Use of custom min max file available 4 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 47e05f07a7 Add of simulation script 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine dda7042cb6 Scripts project updates 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 1e4d9432f5 Add possibility of metric implementation quickly 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 6e57b1f4ab Add of mscn metric 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 1053504810 Models updated 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine ac0ea0fcc6 Update of gitignore file 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 83c803a4ba Add of csv data files 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine ca6eb89ad3 Add of ensemble model 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine 5911c7da90 New models creation 5 years ago
  Jerome Buisine e1a8d9154f Add of script generator 5 years ago