PBRT v4 scenes for SIN3D

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This repository provides the following scenes for use with pbrt-v4. We will be adding more scenes in the coming weeks and would happily accept contributions of additional ones!

Barcelona Pavilion

Daytime Barcelona Pavilion


A model of van der Rohe's classic Barcelona Pavilion, including both daytime and nighttime lighting setups. In the daytime setup, all illumination comes from a realistic sky model encoded in an HDR environment map. The night model has a very dark sky map and a number of area light sources; it is particularly challenging to render, as much of the illumination travels through one or more layers of glass before hitting a surface.

Thanks to Hamza Cheggour, who created this great model and made it available via a CC-BY license.




Detailed model of the Austrian Imperial Crown, featuring an accurate reflection model for the gold metal surfaces, and many gems that refract light passing through them.

This amazing model was created by Martin Lubich (http://www.loramel.net/).




Very detailed scan of a small statue with over 4.3 million triangles, illuminated by a few area light sources.

Model scanned by Wenzel Jakob.




Human head model with a realistic BSSRDF, showing the effect of subsurface scattering.

Model thanks to Infinite Realities, Inc., CC-BY license. Environment map thanks to USC-ICT light probe image gallery.


Coated Gold Killeroo


The classic "killeroo" model, with a variety of materials and in a variety of settings.

Thanks to headus/Rezard for the model.




Complex realistic outdoor landscape scene, featuring 23,241 unique plant models. Thanks to object instancing, the scene has a total geometric complexity of 3.1 billion triangles, even though only 24 million triangles need to be stored in memory. view-0.pbrt is the cover image of the third edition of the Physically Based Rendering book.

Many thanks to Jan-Walter Schliep, Burak Kahraman, and Timm Dapper from Laubwerk for this amazing scene.


Measured blue vinyl wrap


Spherical orb with an inset spherical object. The geometric structure of the shapes involved provides a useful tool for visualizing the appearance of various materials.

Thanks to Yasutoshi Mori (@MirageYM) for this model; CC-BY license.


pbrt book


A realistic model of the second edition of the Physically Based Rendering book.

Thanks to Karl Li (@yiningkarlli) for this fun model.

San Miguel

San Miguel courtyard


A complex model inspired by a hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Thanks to Guillermo M. Leal Llaguno for this excellent scene.

Smoke Plume

Smoke plume with sphere


A smoke simulation around an obstacle using volume data generated using the simulator published with Kim et al.'s Wavelet Turbulence for Fluid Simulation paper.




Sportscar model, where nearly every surface uses a measured BRDF from the RGL Material Database.

This excellent model and pbrt conversion courtesy of Yasutoshi Mori (@MirageYM); CC-BY license.

SSS Dragon



Dragon model rendered with subsurface scattering, where multiple scene description files show the visual effect of changing the density of the scattering medium.

Dragon model courtesy Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. Environment map thanks to Bernhard Vogl.

Transparent Machines

Frame 812


A variety of detailed glass shapes illuminated by skylight. For good results, upwards of 64 ray bounces are required.

Models are from frames of @beeple's amazing Transparent Machines video.



Daylight villa


Modern indoor environment.

Many thanks to Florent Boyer for this scene.

Zero Day

Zero Day, Measure One, Frame 180


A number of frames converted from Beeple's amazing Zero-Day animation. Converted from Cinema4D files downloaded from Beeple's website. (Note that the original materials and lighting is much better--improvements to our conversion gratefully received!)